Tips to Protect Car Windshields While Driving on Rural Roads

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Road trips are fun, spontaneous, and a great way to enjoy the natural, scenic beauty of a country. They are a suitable bonding medium. They let you spend quality time with your loved ones, be they friends or family. And your car is a vital companion in making such spontaneous family road trips possible.

For your road trip, you may have decided to carry all the car essentials. These include battery jumpers and spare tires. You might also bring indoor accessories like air fresheners and sanitary wipes. They can help you avoid unwanted trouble. However, despite such basics, drivers often neglect certain preventative measures. They prevent getting a chipped or cracked windshield on rural roads. Road trips require going off-road. You ride on bumpy roads and face unpredictable rural weather. All of these things can damage your windshield and ruin your trip.

Also, the area has few people and no nearby help. It’s easy to get stranded there. To avoid such mishaps, we’ve listed all the factors on rural roads that can damage your car windshield. We’ve also listed what you can do to protect it. Read on to find out.

Poor Glass Quality and Error in Installation

Most damage to windshields comes from the outside. But, poor glass and wrong installation can also raise the risk. They can cause chipping and cracking.

When it comes to glass quality, always check that the windshield glass meets the OEM specs. They are durable and can endure harsh weather. Moreover, they are stronger than low-quality glass. This ensures the windshield does not break easily.

The second preventive measure you can take is to ensure the windshield is fitted into the frame well. A poorly fitted windshield is the result of a windshield that does not match the frame. Ill-fitted windshields do not offer any structural stability. They cannot handle extreme vibrations or bumps – both of which are bound to take place on rural roads.

Factors like driving the car fast can make the windshield come loose and pop out of the frame. This can cause a crack at the edge. That’s why it’s best to check your car windshield’s fit and glass quality before heading out. This is especially true for road trips on rural roads.

At Glass Genie, we always install real, OEM-specified parts. We also offer a lifetime warranty on the work. This helps clients enjoy a smooth drive.

Gravel Roads

Now that you have taken the preventive measures, it’s time to brace yourself. Unwarranted events can crack the windshield. One common reason for the chipping and cracking of windscreens is stone breaks. They often happen after edge cracks. Stone breaks happen when a sharp stone or debris hits a windshield. This impact causes the glass to crack.

Rural roads are seldom smooth and cemented. Gravel roads are chock full of sharp stones and flying debris, but they are also a huge part of rural areas. Hence, driving on dirt roads is inevitable. However, to avoid such incidents, the driver must drive at a moderate speed. They must also keep a safe distance from the car ahead. This will prevent stones from flying onto the car windshield and damaging it.

Driving Behind Large Vehicles

Heavy vehicles, like trucks and tractors, are common in rural areas. They are also used in construction. Most big vehicles, like construction trucks, are usually loaded with debris. They have unwanted construction materials and heavy equipment. When driving behind such vehicles, debris and stones can fall onto your windshield. This can crack it.

However, taking more steps helps. For example, drive far from such large vehicles. This can avoid such mishaps. Also, it is best to avoid the line of fire. Switch lanes early to protect your car’s windshield.

Pressure Fluctuations

Driving on rural roads means encountering mountainous terrains and high altitudes. When you travel to higher elevations, you may have noticed how pressure affects you. Similarly, your car windshield too gets subjected to much stress.

Traveling at high speeds can stress your windshield. This stress can cause cracks. Also, moving from high to low-pressure areas can pressure your windshield more. This can cause it to crack. So, it is best to always drive slowly at high altitudes. This will make driving safer.

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