Windshield Car Replacement Time That Everyone Should Know

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A windshield is an essential safety accessory that protects passengers from harm. In an accident, it maintains the car’s structure. It stops passengers from getting crushed and suffering fatal injuries. It is also responsible for absorbing the impact during a head-on collision. It is an extra barrier. In a big crash, it prevents passengers from being thrown out.

A windshield has 3 layers. Two sheets of glass are sandwiched with a special layer of Poly Vinyl Butyral (PVB). It is made in like manner so that passengers do not sustain injuries as in the case of standard glass. If the impact is too strong, the windshield will not shatter into sharp glass shards. Instead, the pieces will stick to the adhesive layer, so they will not cause harm.

So, a windshield is a key part of every car. It should be carefully maintained. Cleaning and driving carefully are essential. They prolong the life of a windshield. However, it goes through wear and tear. It loses stability due to chips and cracks it gets over time. And despite providing it the best care, once it is past its prime, it is time for you to replace the windshield.

When to Replace a Windshield

Contrary to popular belief, a cracked windshield can’t be fixed. Only a chipped windshield can be repaired. Once a windshield is cracked, it requires immediate replacement. Cracks weaken the windscreen. It can’t give the car enough support. And repairs on such windshields are fruitless. To avoid driving with a weak windshield that might collapse, you need a quick replacement.

Moreover, even in the case of chips and dents, there are conditions. Only a maximum of two chips can be repaired. They must be outside the driver’s line of vision and not have reached the inner layer of the glass. Failing such conditions, the windshield will need to be replaced.

But, telling if the windshield is chipped or cracked is hard for a layperson. But many people end up at untrustworthy car repair centers. The centers dupe customers for their money. They may charge you a lot for a bad windshield replacement. Or worse, they might do a temporary repair and say it’s a replacement.

That’s why it is always recommended to hand your car to a reliable car window repair team. At Glass Genie, we only use real OEM windshields for cars. We promise skilled work by our trained techs. And, we offer a lifetime warranty on the materials and our work.

The Average Time Required to Replace Windshields

Windshield replacement may seem hard at first. But, doing it on time is vital. Cracked windshields are a big safety hazard. Every second you drive with a cracked windshield, you are asking for trouble. Windshield replacement is a relatively lengthy process when compared to windshield repair. The average time for a windshield replacement can range from 45 to 60 minutes.

But a quick repair has zero downtime. A windshield replacement takes a couple of hours. You need to wait before you can drive the car. This is because the adhesives need time to cure and bond well with the windshield frame. Driving right after replacement can displace the windshield and cause bad fittings.

Precautionary Measures to Protect Your Windshield from Damage

It’s inevitable. But, you can prevent windshield chips and cracks with specific care.

Always Park in the Shade

Extreme heat and sunlight can cause the windshield’s edges to expand. They may then crack. To avoid such situations, always park your car in shaded lots or garages. Also, shield them with a cover.

Keep your Distance and Avoid Gravel Roads

Gravel roads are full of dirt, debris, and stones. They can cause the stones to fly onto your windshield and crack it. So, it is in your best interest to keep a safe distance from the cars in front and take better routes when possible.

Hail and Snowstorms

Hailstorms cause hailstones. Snowstorms shower snow pelts. Both are sharp, rock-like things. They can make a big impact and crack the windshield. Hence, it is advisable to wait for the storm to pass or drive slowly to avoid heavy impact.

Now that you know all about windshield replacement, go to Glass Genie. They are Texas’s top network for windshield repair and replacement. We offer doorstep facilities and cashless claim transactions for customer convenience. Get an expert consultation today!

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